• Ray Pope, IM Academy Student

    "Author Q has been an amazing source of coaching and inspiration. The connections she provides me has launched my business into greater heights! She pushes you beyond your comfort zone and shows you how to terminate your relationship with fear!

  • -Harmony Beeman, IM Academy Student

    "I really didn't know what to expect going in, but I KNEW I wanted to CHANGE MY life. Author Q. challenged me to dig deep, confront my painful past and TRULY forgive those people in my life that hurt me! She didn't just tell me I needed to forgive them but, she GAVE me the TOOLS on HOW to do so. The worksheets were extremely helpful in this process because I was able to write out my feelings and not just hold it all in ANYMORE. I felt extremely vulnerable, but the process was freeing. The one on one calls were my favorites because I felt like I was able to connect with her on a different level. She reaches back into your past, takes your hand and walks you through the process of healing step-by-step! I am thankful I FINALLY took the time to invest in MYSELF, and my future! She helped me to RESCUE MYSELF and that alone is priceless! "

  • T. Harris, IM Academy Student

    "Life changing is the best way to describe her courses. She helps you get to the root of what keeps you "stuck" and nurtures you back to health."

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What Lies Beneath will help you eliminate and overcome self sabotage moments! After you complete these three days of you will be able to now recognize those triggers that prevent you from being free from worry, anxiety and FEAR!

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